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Where we came from………..

Now I’ve got to be honest, it wasn’t that I wasn’t a bit hesitant when I first opened Carvin Streetwear, but really I had no idea what or how to do it! Its all about asking, listening and feeling ya way. But it’s been a great ride, awesome experience- good-bad and learning all the way! Still am, learning as I go that is. So live your dreams people otherwise you’ll always wonder? I opened Carvin 7 years ago out of an old butcher shop on the Main Street in Gore, NZ. 13 Months later I had grown the business and the brands and was able to move to bigger premises. Gore gets a bit of a hard time, but it’s a great wee NZ town . One more stop and you’re at the South Pole! Well almost! But we want our flavour out there for you….soooooo…..Now about to embark on the next ‘Carvin’ adventure with the help of you all. Taking a leap! Getting into ecommerce!

So Check out this site, cruise through the pages, see the fabulous labels we support in store…Have fun, see what’s new and the hot new looks coming through. Maybe see you in store sometime or contact us for any little thing and one us will do our best to help you out! You can check us out on Facebook, go on…get on there and like our page, or follow @gocarvin if you tweet. you’ll find out when our sales starts, in store promos and competitions-just for you- our favourite people. We have a Tumblr blog too!

Carvin Streetwear - 84 Main Street, Gore - New Zealand - PH: (03) 208 9165


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